How To Delete Photos From Google Maps

Despite the fact that Google Maps is this wonderful technological innovation that basically enabled people from all over the world to become that much more intimate with other areas and people, it can still be inconvenient if your face or your home is featured without your consent. If you would like to have such photos eliminated, there are simple ways to do it.

On that note, there are instances when eliminating the image can be inconvenient or unnecessary. In such cases, you can simply request your face to be blurred out. In any event, the process is roughly the same.

Step 1. Open Google Maps
Once you’re inside Google Maps, you can either type in the place which features the photographs that you object to or you can just manually look for it yourself. This is especially important because if you do not know where the picture is featured, you’ll have to browse through all the Street View photos in the gallery, which would take a lot of time.

Either way works and allows you to find the photo you are searching for.

Step 2. Report The Problem
When you have found the photo that you would like blurred or eliminated, you can click on it to enlarge the picture. Make sure it’s really a photo of yourself rather than somebody who just looks like you. You would be amazed how often that happen.

From there, you will be taken to another page, where you’ll need to fill out a form. You want to indicate what you’re reporting the image for by checking the circles. You then need to provide your email address and fill out the CAPTCHA challenge. After that, all you need to do is click on submit and wait.

Eventually, however, the company will respond to tell you what the verdict is.

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